West One Dental Clinic



MERCURY FREE DENTISTRY – Removal and replacement of mercury [silver] based fillings using a very strict protective protocol DENTAL IMPLANTS – to replace single and multiple tooth loss MINI IMPLANTS – to provide immediate stabilisation of dentures COSMETIC DENTISTRY  – to create a natural blend of tooth shape, size, position and colour using the appropriate therapy choices of Orthodontic / Orthopaedics [Braces], veneers, crowns,bridges and tooth whitening to give you the smile you always wanted JAW JOINT ADJUSTMENT THERAPY – to help correct facial, jaw joint and back discomfort SPORTS PERFORMANCE APPLIANCES – these non obtrusive, removable and custom fabricated bite appliances fit snugly on the lower teeth and, by reducing jaw joint clenching, improve overall muscular tone and reduce lactic acid build up in the muscles. No athlete, sportsman or gym enthusiast should leave home without one. Quote from one very satisfied user: “I won’t go running or to the gym without it. I personally swear by it and do believe that when I do forget to take it with my performance drops. Certainly it is clear that when stretching with/without it makes a big difference. Also since I began using it I have recorded PBs in runs that I have been doing for years which I think is a positive indicator using this unique new dental appliance” For more information on how this appliance works, please watch the video below: www.bitetech.com PRACTICE POLICY : Our treatment provision policy is designed to assist with any immediate problems [lost crown, tooth ache etc] and, as required, instigate short, medium and long term Treatment Planning and Provision using restorative and stabilisation techniques orientated towards maintaining and enhancing the balance within your skeletal structural, biochemistry and facial / tooth cosmetics. We will listen to your concerns, advise on the possible solutions and together we will decide on the one that is optimal to your requirements.