About David Harvie Austin

Currently I am the Chairman of the British Society for Mercury Free Dentistry and have been safely removing amalgam [mercury based] restorations and replacing them with biological replacements since 1980. 

I use the term ‘Biological Dentistry‘ to describe my approach to all treatment provided in the practice. This means that all techniques and restoration materials used are geared to be in biological balance with the rest of the body. 

If a patient presents with general health symptoms that indicate problems emanating from materials and restorations used in the oral cavity, I will  safely replace these with ones that do not challenge the health of their individual immune system.

For example, when mercury based restorations have been safely replace, I will prescribe the necessary healthy detoxing medication to cleanse any mercury trapped in the body’s cellular system.

When you already have amalgams, there will be an accumulation in the body’s cells that contribute to oxidative stress [insufficient oxygen] and this, in the long term, can contribute to cellular death and, eventually, potential death of the organ

A Programme for Life

Within the above biological concept , I devised this programme to address  individual and clinical concerns with a view to assessing the short, medium and long term clinical and biological sound materials and techniques required to correct and stabilise them.

Together we would look to create the optimum solution for a single tooth through to the more extensive solutions required to attain and maintain optimum tooth, bone and gum health together with the structural requirements of chewing / functional balance and the cosmetic ones of smile, tooth colour / shape and facial profile.

Mercury Free Dentistry

I have been a founder member of the British Dental Society for Mercury Free Dentistry  when it was set up in 1990.

I was the  Society’s Secretary from 1990 until, after the death of the President, Jack Levenson, elected Chairman in 2005.

I have also lectured & published articles on the safe removal of mercury fillings and appeared on radio, newspaper / magazines articles and TV.

Dental Implants

I have been clinically involved in the use of dental implants since 1988, was a founder member of the Association of Dental Implantology and obtained my Fellowship of the International College of Oral Implantology in 1992.

I also spent some years at the London Dental School as their first external Lecturer on Implants for post graduate courses along with being a Student Supervisor.

Currently, I do not place implants but use a specialist in the practice to place Zirconium ones. I found that, although Titanium ones are, clinically, very reliable, I found that too many patients were having reactions to their small content of Aluminium and Vanadium 

Orthopaedics / Orthodontics

In a very large number of cases, if required, the combined therapy of Orthodontics and Orthopaedicis allows us to gently expand the sizes and profile relationship of the jaws thus enhancing, without extraction, not only the tooth alignment / position but also the overall facial and smile profile.

This therapy can also bring a great deal of relief from pain / discomfort of the jaw joints / head / neck and back, tooth grinding and snoring.

If required, I refer for the above but provide a simpler form of Orthodontics to, mainly, cosmetically correct tooth alignment etc. The system I use is similar to Invisalign.