Dentistry services in Harley Street

Apart from having a special interest in safe amalgam replacement and other metals in used in restorations in the mouth together with potential issues with dead root filled teeth, I believe that best dental practice commences with the General Dental Services which form the basics of providing you with the long term functional stability of tooth, bone and gum tissue.

This, in turn, will support any secondary procedures whether they involve the structural restoration of dental implants, orthopaedics, crowns, bridges or fillings or the cosmetics of whitening, tooth realignment or veneers.

Following a long initial consultation I will, in simple terms, assess what you would require in short, medium and long term procedures and restorations.

During this treatment, I will do my utmost to ensure that the materials and techniques used are as biologically as close to nature as available. This is done in the knowledge that restorations and procedures in the mouth can have a potentially positive or negative effect on the whole body and its immune system whether in terms of function or incompatibility with the materials used for the restorations.