General Dentistry


Although often underrated, this forms the bedrock of all dental procedures and is intricate to the provision of specialised dental procedures which require your basic substructure [teeth, gum, bone support tissues etc.] to be and remain the healthy

The Oral ‘Organ’

Additional to the above ‘mechanical’ stability should also be the recognition that, just as smoking, excess alcohol, non nutritious diets etc. can challenge the optimal health of your liver, kidney, digestive system, lungs etc., the health of your oral cavity has to be seen as an integral part [an organ] of the body’s ecosystem.

Not only can conditions in your mouth indicate a possible systemic problem but some restorative materials and techniques can positively or negatively affect the overall health of this ecosystem.

Personalised Patient Profile

To provide you with this ‘bedrock’ of optimum dental care, it is essential that we have commenced with a full and comprehensive ‘Personalised Patient Profile’ [PPP] which covers the current clinical condition of all your oral structures, the possible favourable or unfavourable effect of this condition and commence creating a detailed Treatment Plan for your ideal future requirements.

The creation of this PPP requires a provisional one hour consultation during which we will assess these requirements which, in some cases, may include the need for additional diagnostic procedures to allow full completion of your PPP.

General Dental Restorations

We recognise that every type of dental restoration is, by its very nature, ‘non biological’ and, consequently, will present some degree of immune system challenge to the body. The degree of this challenge can vary according to individual ‘immune system tolerance levels’ which, in turn, may dictate the optimal material choice for restoration within its requirements for clinical stability, function and cosmetics.

Dental maintenance

In recognising the uniqueness of each individual’s dental health, we prefer to also personalise their ‘servicing schedule’.

To this end, we offer a Maintenance Service that can vary in the frequency and type from 3 to 18 months with the criteria being placed on the stability of any particular aspect or in general oral health. For instance, healthy teeth and weak gum tissues may require more frequently scheduled hygienist than dental appointments.

In patients with a great deal of restorative work in their mouth, we also like to schedule in a ’20,000 mile service’ every 2 or 3 years to allow a total review of all aspects of your current dental health and prior treatment.