Mini Dental Implants

Mini Implants – for Denture Wearers

Are your dentures so comfortable and well seating that you find eating, talking, smiling as comfortable as when you had your own teeth?

Or do you find the opposite? That you are restricted in what types of food you eat, constantly require denture adhesives, have reduced clarity of speech and taste and find your dentures are not quite as comfortable as you would like but don’t want to go to the expense and time required for their replacement with regular dental implants and bridges?

If so, the answer is at hand in the form of miniature dental implants which:

  1. Allow the immediate stabilisation of a normal sized denture.
  2. Can be placed in one session – in a very simplified surgical technique which minimalises mouth   trauma and the post operative healing period.
  3. Allow you to leave the surgery and immediately afterwards eat, talk and smile with the surety that your dentures will remain securely in place – even biting an apple is, normally, ‘on the cards’.
  4. With full upper dentures, allows removal of the section that covers your palate – without any loss of retention and an immensely improved sense of taste.
  5. This snap fit implants can also be used to to stablise partial dentures
  6. Cost a fraction of the financial outlay involved with ‘regular’ implants
  7. Can be used when there is not enough bone for regular sized implants
  8. Once placed, the maintenance costs are quite minimal and, in the unlikely event of losing one these implants, the replacement cost is relatively cheap and, frequently, can be placed straight away in an adjacent implant site.


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