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I contacted Dr Harvie-Austin to get my silver filling safely removed; I also wanted to have the latest 3D Beam scan to check for hidden infections, I didn’t suffer from any dental pain or any gum inflammation but had a systemic inflammation in my body that I couldn’t work out the origin.

Dr Harvie-Austin could clearly see from the scan that I had 2 major infections at the root of the root canal treated teeth. He suggested extraction but for me this was out of the question as one of them was a front tooth. After a lot of research I agreed to have the back tooth extracted and within a day the painful sinuses that I have had for many years have cleared. Having had such a great result I decided to part with my front teeth specially that all the researches lead me to the same conclusion. As soon as I got my front teeth removed, not only my nocturne stomach pain that was keeping me awake every night stopped but also within a couple of days my cognitive functions have dramatically improved. For years I have been working with a functional medicine doctor to stop my cognitive decline, I was on a very strict diet and a lot of supplements but had so far no major improvement. I would never have guessed that my brain was being assaulted by an infection in my gum?

I am ever so grateful to Dr Harvie-Austin for having my brain back.  

ZB 3/4/17


Hi David

And thanks again for fixing my tooth today! It was such a relief to work with someone who is actually coming from what I need and …..caring!!  No offence to the dental system but… really is a machine and I have done my best to get the best care that I could but really it’s been overall pretty dreadful! The bubble of care I felt with you both today was very touching! Can’t be faked that kind of thing and not what I expect in a dentist room!

I am grateful that you chose the holistic route! Thank you for explaining so carefully what the knock on effects of the work I have had done are and what I need in the future. I feel a great sense of enlightenment!!!

It’s strange to me that I am a novice…after 30 years in personal development and I know nothing about my teeth, jaw and gums, really!

With much appreciation and gratitude,

V. Green [18/7/17]

Hi David

Thank you very much for the work you did on my mercury filling removal it has helped the recovery in my body so much from this awful Lymes Disease and I feel now I have got hope when I have to have this hip operation next month.

I now feel that my immune system is more able to cope thank you so much.

best wishes

Vicky [3/7/17]

Thanks David


I can report that since the mercury removal my health has improved. I no longer have spontaneous sweating, the wheat allergy has pretty much gone, I no longer get a rash associated with eating wheat, my candida has also died down to almost nothing, only one breakout but I think that was related to pregnancy. I am also around 12 weeks pregnant so glad I had the mercury removal when I did! I also think that my hormone levels have been helped by the mercury removal (as well as other things) as I previously had low progesterone/high estrogen levels. I also don’t feel so fatigued as I used to especially whilst being pregnant. And finally I don’t have the same reaction when eating sugar that I used to, I can now tolerate it better and don’t feel that addictive urge any more.

Sonya [2/4/14]

Dear Dr Harvie Austin
This is to confirm the very noticeable improvements in my health since you removed the mercury from my mouth about three years ago.  It wasn’t immediate, but as time progressed my energy levels have much improved and the constant background feeling of being slightly unwell/under the weather/mildly poisoned as nearly gone.  Also I used to have an unpleasant reaction after chewing food – sweating, general discomfort, sometimes accompanied by palpitations – and these have completely gone.   I feel very pleased with these results and definitely feel the expenditure involved is well worth it.
Thanks and best wishes
Hilary [17/10/14]

Saliva is cleaner and appears to be slightly more flowing. Thickness under my left armpit has gone, has been worrying for years. Feeling more calm. Less tension under left eye

Many Thanks


10th September 2015

David Harvie-Austin replaced all of my amalgam fillings after I became concerned with heavy metal toxicity.  My mother had fillings in all of her teeth when she was pregnant with me, and by the time I was 13 I had a filling in every tooth.  A few years ago I tried to start the Klinghardt heavy metal detox protocol, but even taking just one drop of cilantro in a glass of water caused a severe reaction in my body, including a pounding heart that felt like it would explode.

I liked the fact that Mr Harvie-Austin was clearly very experienced, and had the patience to answer all of my questions.  He took a great deal of care during the removal (which incorporated a number of safety measures to avoid toxin release), and I did not have any adverse effects afterwards.  I had half of the fillings replaced in one visit and the other half replaced three weeks later.

Since then, I have slowly started the Klinghardt protocol.  While it is a bit of a roller-coaster, I have already noticed that my vision, and periodically my senses of taste and smell, have had an acuity that I do not recall during my life.  It is also wonderful to realise that I no longer taste metal in my mouth.  Because I had had the fillings for over 40 years, I think that I had become used to the taste, but I noticed immediately when it was gone immediately after the amalgams were removed.

I would highly recommend Mr Harvie-Austin.

Debra [13/3/16]

Dear David,

Thank you for my new fillings!   I have felt better after the mercury fillings were removed!  ( just two weeks ago).   I am full of energy and very positive and after a week I was back to eating all foods and active again after a short rest.  To my brothers surprise, I kept talking even more then usual!

Nursen [10/6/15]

“Did an excellent job of replacing (removing) 20 amalgams over four sessions all without anaesthetic (as my preference) and using mostly glass ionomer significantly cheaper than composites (and not needing crowns even though other dentists were reckoning necessary). And four years on everything is still working fine (which can't be said for any four years of the dental school/hospital's efforts). “

Robin [21/12/11]



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    I am currently sick due to metal poising and need my fillings out ASAP

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